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Key Features

  • Each ticket comes with a FREE Aristotle test ($750 value). Shipped immediately upon purchase of ticket.

  • Take the guess work out of protocols through "digital twinning". This is the process of pairing the patient's data with AI to identify the exact pathways that can be targeted and with the appropriate intervention.

  • How to integrate or improve personalized medicine in your clinic, including genomics, microbiomics, and metabolomics.

  • Effective monitoring of patient progress with demonstrable results

  • How to interpret results from large data sets to develop an action plan for the patient

  • Learn evolving strategies in precision medicine and how you can leverage this for earlier detection and improving outcomes

  • How to structure financial models with health testing and make it profitable

  • This training certifies you in personalized medicine by Theriome


This live training will teach you how to integrate or improve personalized medicine into your clinic, using the newest technologies for testing. We will demonstrate a systems biology approach, which allows for much deeper and comprehensive probing into a patient's biological makeup. In systems biology we will cover clinical use of genomics, microbiomics, and metabolomics. We then will show you how to make sense of this data to construct an action plan for the patient along with specific tactics to monitor and modify.

This event is a day and a half of training at Theriome's headquarters in Phoenix. You will be responsible for booking your hotel room (we will provide a list of recommended hotels within walking distance).

Led by Dr. Jasbi, Director of Metabolomics on the American Board of Personalized Medicine, you can expect a state of the art education on the latest in personalized and precision medicine.

Each ticket will come with a FREE Aristotle metabolomics test ($750 value). This test will be shipped immediately upon purchase.

This event is restricted to physicians and owners of clinics with physicians. We are developing future events that are available to other providers.


Day 1 - June 28th, Fri. 8AM - 5:30PM

7:30AM - Welcome and coffee in Wexford building lobby

8:00AM - Introduction to Personalized Medicine

9:00AM - Theriome laboratory tour

10:00AM - A systems biology approach to personalization

12:00PM - Lunch Break

1:00PM - Tests and diagnostics in personalized medicine

2:00PM - Early detection through disease enrichment

3:30PM - Customizing protocols through biological mapping

5:00PM - Panel with speakers

5:30PM - Conclude day 1

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Day 2 - June 29th, Sat. 9AM - 1PM

8:30AM - Review blood samples from lab tour (optional)

9:00AM - Quantifying significance of protocols and monitoring patient progress

10:00AM - Tools for business success with personalized medicine

11:00AM - Small group workshops using real data

1:00PM - Conclude day 2

6:00PM - Steakhouse dinner with speakers (optional) - $300 per person, RSVP by emailing and you will be confirmed once the invoice is paid.

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Wexford Life Sciences Building

Phoenix, Arizona

Theriome Inc., 850 North 5th Street

Phoenix, AZ, 85004

  • Theriome's laboratory headquarters

  • Close to hotels, restaurants, and shopping

  • State of the art technologies

  • Room is not included with ticket (book your discounted room by clicking the button below)

The training will happen on the Biomedical campus at the Wexford building, allowing for a thorough teaching and walkthrough of various tests and technologies.

About the instructors

Paniz Jasbi, PhD

Dr. Paniz Jasbi is a co-founder of Theriome Inc. and serves as its Chief Science Officer. He holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions, where he conducted significant research on mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, focusing on laboratory testing considerations. Dr. Jasbi's postdoctoral work continued at Arizona State University’s School of Molecular Sciences, delving into integrative omics analyses and machine learning informatics.

His role at Theriome and as a Director of Metabolomics on the American Board of Personalized Medicine underscores his commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative scientific methods.

Dr. Jasbi's expertise bridges cutting-edge science and market ready analysis, empowering healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver personalized, patient-centered care.

Alex Mohr, PhD

Alex Mohr, PhD is a co-founder of Theriome and director of microbiomics.

Dr. Mohr's research focuses on nutrition, the microbiome, food science, and bioinformatics, having 44 publications in these areas.

He is a foremost expert in multi-omics integration, understanding the bridge between the microbiome and the metabolome. Additionally, he developed the digital twinning technology that powers Theriome.

Gail King, MD

Dr. King embodies warmth and compassion in her interactions with patients, forging genuine connections that extend beyond the confines of traditional medical care. With an attentive ear, she ensures each patient feels heard and understood, fostering a sense of trust and mutual respect. She loves educating her clients so they can make the right decisions for their health and longevity. She simplifies seemingly incomprehensible scientific concepts, empowering patients to grasp solutions and actively pursue their health objectives with clarity and confidence.

Dr. King is a member of the Fellow American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Associate Fellow American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Fellow American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Justin Lesh

Justin is a marketing expert for private and integrative clinics. His expert approach uses a blend of online advertising and simple, in office tactics. It doesn't require the clinic to change anything about how they operate and is guaranteed to make a profit.

Justin created a methodology for marketing clinics and turned that into his company, IV Launch. All attendees will get two weeks of Justin's advertising for free so they can see the results for themselves.

What will you learn at our event?

Testing and diagnostics for personalized medicine

The science and biochemistry - how this stuff actually works. We will present it in a way that is useful for you to communicate to staff/patients and help with clinical application.

Customizing protocols based on biological data

How can you stay compliant with these interventions? We are bringing compliance expert Dr. Adam Boender who has helped many clinics stay compliance and legally safe.

Disease enrichment for early detection

When are these interventions best used? These clinical pearls will greatly assist your judgement in applying to patients and open your mind to the possibilities.

Utilizing a systems biology approach

We take a heavy emphasis on practicality and making the training turnkey so that you're able to immediately apply what you learn.  We are your partners for life and will ensure you have everything you need.

Quantifying clinical results and progress

There are a few times that is is best to avoid treatment. And we will show and demonstrate the best way to make these interventions extremely safe.

Business Success with Testing

As a clinician, you also run a business that needs to generate income. We will equip you with modern tactics for sales and marketing that are free and easy to implement.

Each ticket comes with a FREE Aristotle Metabolomic Test worth $750


100% FREE


 Q. What is NOT included with my ticket?

A. Meals (snacks included but not full meals), transportation, plane ticket, and your stay in Phoenix.

 Q. Are our hotel rooms included in the price?

A. No. You will be responsible for your own lodging either at the hotel or off-site.

 Q. If I’m not a medical practitioner, can I still come to the event?

A. No. The only exception is if you own a clinic with physicians (MD, DO, DDS, etc.).

 Q. What time does the event start?

A. 9am on June 28th.

 Q. What time will the event end?

A. 1pm on June 29th.

 Q. Does this training qualify for CME Credits?

A. Not at this time.

 Q. Is there an itinerary or agenda for this training?

A. Yes, you will get an agenda through the WhatsApp group a few days before the live train

 Q. Will there be a recording of this event?

A. Yes. There will be a recording of this event. Anyone who purchases a ticket will receive the recording. We are not selling virtual tickets.

Please allow at least 4 weeks for our team to get the recording to you.

 Q. I purchased multiple tickets to this event. Do I need to register the names of the additional ticket holders?

A. YES! If you purchased more than one ticket, please email to let us know the names and email addresses of any additional ticket holders.

 Q. I purchased my ticket, is there anything else I need to do prior to attending the event?

A. Once you've purchased your ticket, you'll want to arrange your transportation to the event and book your hotel room. You will want to join the WhatsApp group as soon as possible. We also have consent forms for you to fill out prior to your arrival. Please email if you did not receive a link to complete your consent forms.

 Q. Is there a virtual option to attend?

A.Not for this event. You have to be here!

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We have worked hard to make this event unquestionably valuable for medical practitioners. There was a lot of people, thought, and time putting it together. I genuinely hope this training will help more people get healthy and stay healthy.

I only want you to pay for this course if it's valuable for you. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may ask for a refund if it does not meet your expectations and we will send your money back ASAP.

It's a pleasure to serve this community and I am infinitely thankful to work for and with you.

My calling in life is to create things that reduce suffering in the world.

Let's reduce suffering together,

Micah Lowe, CEO

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